1What is "J&F House"? What is difference between J&F House and Monthly apartment?

J&F house is the place where you can live and communicate with people from all over the world. Mostly shower rooms, bath rooms and kitchen are shared. All houses have living room for communal space and at the same time, you can have your own private room.

2How can I check availability?

We post on our website at anytime. Please check HERE.

3Can I come viewing the house?

Sure. Please make an appointment with us.
*Contact information*
J&F House Shinjuku/Minami-Gyotoku/Urawa/Kugahara info@jafplaza.com
J&FHouse Warabi warabi@jafnet.co.jp
J&FHouse Osaka Kansai2 osaka1@jafnet.co.jp

4Can I make a reservation for over a week ahead?

We get moving out notification from tenants 2 weeks before at the latest

If there is any vacancy room, you are able to make a reservation from 2 weeks behind the date of moving in.

Please check the room availability on the website we are updating and contact us.

5Is it possible to pay by credit card?

We don't accept the payment by credit card.
Please pay by bank transfer or in cash.
We also accept payment by overseas money transfer.
*Please cover the bank transfer fee.

6What ID do we need for a new contract?
  • ・ID with your Honseki(legal domicile) like drivers license or Jumin-hyo(resident's card).
  • *Health insurance card and passport are not acceptable.
  • ・All information of emergency contact and occupation.
    *Emergency contact must be your parents.
  • ・Passport and Visa
  • ・Residential card(Zairyu card) if you have
  • ・Emergency contact information(Parents or someone who can take responsibility in Japan)
7Can we stay a few days? What does the daily rent meaning?

The shortest length of staying is a month so you can't stay just a few days.
After a month of staying, you will be able to extend your contract day by day.

Daily rent is rent of a day and we can deal with your extension request flexibly though the amount per a day would be rather expensive than monthly rent.

8Does it take time to renew a contact?

Please reconfirm contents of contract and if you agree with them, sign the lease.
Therefore, please notify J&F Plaza office or the house manager 2 weeks before your contract's Expiration day.
We consider that you are moving out if we don't get any notification 2 weeks before.

There is no renewal fee but if you wish to change a room, you will need to take the same process with when you are moving in and pay the reservation fee again.

9I would like to know types of room and is there any room allowed smoking or having pets?
  • *J&F House Shinjuku
    Private room 7㎡

  • *J&F House Urawa
    Private/Dorm room 21.96㎡
    Room #102 30.76㎡)

  • *J&F House Warabi
    Private room 4.7㎡
    Dorm room 9.2㎡
    Room for 12 people 31㎡

  • *J&F House Minami-Gyotoku
    Private/Dorm room 9.2㎡

  • *J&F House Kireuriwari
    Private/ Dorm room 10.23㎡

  • *J&F House Mukonosou
    Private/Dorm Room 9.2~23.1㎡

  • *J&F House Kugahara
    Private Room 1st floor 18.54㎡
                  2nd floor 16.89㎡

Actual size/type of room is varies with each house and room.

All the rooms have own key and mostly have a bed (a bunk bed for a dorm room), a fridge, air conditioner, and Internet service with own LAN.

Smoking isn't allowed inside of J&F House so please smoke at smoking area.
Neither having pet isn’t allowed at J&F House.

10How much is initial cost?

Initial cost is reservation fee and the first month’s rent.
Reservation fee costs differently depend on house and type of room as the following.

*Reservation fee
J&F House Kireuriwari House, Warabi 20,000JPY
J&F House Shinjuku /Minami-Gyotoku 30,000JPY(Maintenance fee 10,000JPY,Deposit 20,000JPY)
J&F House Urawa 30,000JPY (Maintenance fee 15,000JPY, Deposit 20,000JPY)
Dorm room 20,000JPY (Maintenance fee 10,000JPY, Deposit 10,000JPY) *Deposit is refundable)

Please pay the first month’s rent in 2 weeks from the day your reservation has been completed.
If not we consider your reservation is cancelled.

11Is there due date of rent payment?

Rent is due a week behind the date your rent period for is up.
If something comes up and it seems will be late with rent, please inform the house manager substitute payment date beforehand.
Please pay by bank transfer or in cash as usual.

12Dose rent includes utility fee?

Yes, it does include utilities. We kindly ask for your cooperation to save electricity and water.

13I would love to take the room but there is no room available now. Do you have waiting list?

Unfortunately we don’t have, because we aren’t sure when it will be available and we would like to give fair deal with all clients.
Please contact us 2 weeks before the date you wish to move in.
If there is any tenant planning to move out, you will be able to move in right next day the person leaves the room.

14Is deposit refundable?

It is refundable.
However, if the room isn’t done to clean or something is damaged or missing when you leave the room, cleaning/repair/replace fee will be deducted from your deposit.
Please use furnishing carefully and clean the room when moving out.

15How can we get the refund of the deposit?

We will hand the cash directly to you after we check the room/furnishing’s condition on the check out day.
Please note that if you lose the receipt of deposit, there could be the case we can’t refund.

16What if I chancel a reservation?

If you cancel due to personal reasons, we can’t refund you any amount you had paid already.
If you paid both of reservation fee and the first month’s rent, we consider your cancellation as checking out and refund you deposit.
Please be careful with your cancellation to avoid unnecessary payment.


1Is it okay to let my friends stay with me for a night?

No, visitors (non-contractor) aren’t allowed to stay over nights in the house anytime
Of course it is free to visit during day time, but visitor has no right to stay in the house from 12am to 8am.

2Is there curfew?

No, there isn’t.
Even though, please stay quiet to respect other tenants at night and early morning.

3I want to stay the house with my child.

Unfortunately, children are not accepted.
If he/she is over around 15 years old, please let us know.
In that case, we will require the tenant’s parents to be contractor or parent/guardian consent form.

4Is there internet service? How much does it cost?

Some of houses have computers for internet at communal space
You can use internet service with your own bringing laptop and LAN cable in the room too.
Internet service is free.
Therefore, we can’t be expected to respond to all of your complaints or suggestions regarding the internet service.

5I would like to have a land phone in a room

Unfortunately you can’t have land line phone.
Please use mobile phone or pay phone around the house.

6I want to stay at a house that has more foreign tenants!

Basically we try to keep the ratio of Japanese tenants to foreign tenants 5 to 5 but it’s depends on the seasons.
Warabi house and Kireuriwari house have more rooms and tenants so probably there is more chance to meet more people!

7Can foreigner stay the house?

Sure. Join us at J&F House and enjoy staying in Japan!