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What is Share house?

B&B (Bed & Breakfast)、Youth Hostel、YMCA、YWCA
There are bunch of type of cheap accommodations for travelers like B&B, Youth Hotel, YMCA, YWCA, Back packers, Guesthouse, etc...
They are popular especially with students and travelers because we can have experience of lively international exchanging with people from all over the world. Furthermore, price is reasonable.

It has been increasing demands for Share house here in Japan nowadays. A lot of people including students, trainer and traveler from aboard in Japan are familiar with share house like hotels.

"J&F House" is...

Share house managed by J&F Plaza.
No Key Money, No Commission Fee, No Guarantor Needed, No Renewal Fee! Deposit is just 20,000JPY(Private room). Rent is from 26,000JPY~(Utility fee included). There is a manager at each house and keeping the house' condition.
Free internet service is available with your bringing own LAN cable.
Shortest term of staying is 1 month.
Kitchen, shower and bathroom are Shared but you will have basic furniture like Futon( blanket , pillow , thin mattress with no sheets), desk, Fridge and Utensils..etc
You can enjoy having meal and sharing stories with other tenants at the lounge.
All the houses located around 3 to 15 minutes walk away from each stations and convenient for shopping!


Room's availability is HERE We opened the first J&F House (share house) at Kita Jujo on October, 1999 and now we manage 6 of share houses with 341 rooms.
Japanese and Foreigners are living cozy house together.
All houses have lounge as a place to communicate, and at the same time, you can have your own private room.
Why don't you join our "J&F House" and enjoy international exchanging!